Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Balloon Airlift Eagle Treasure Hunt

On October 24th 2015 Winston Packaged this Hand Carved Eagle into a sealed canister and sent it flying high into the Las Vegas, NV jet stream.

The Eagle is Hand Carved by Winston and is one of a kind.

The Gold Lip Mother Of Pearl Eagle is mounted into a sterling silver frame and can be worn as a necklace.

Deep in the Nevada desert Winston walks to the highest peak to release the eagle carving via orange and black balloons and one sparkly alien head balloon. 

The balloons are attached to a protected capsule with Winston's hand carved eagle and certificate of authenticity safely inside.

Winston does a preflight check before lift off.

Below is a video posted on youtube of the event on 10-24-1015

Winston Treasure Launch 2015 Video

Tracking the jet stream on his Phone the carving flew 150 degrees South East. Headed for Flagstaff or possibly as far as Southern Arizona

Above on map one Winston marked the exact coordinates of the lift off. They launched it from The Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.

From the compass in the image above you can see which way the eagle flew in a South East direction at 150 degrees towards Flagstaff, Arizona. However after recalculating the jet streams Winston believes the capsule went South East at 50 mph only to hit a 80 to 100 mph jet stream headed north east meaning the capsule could be anywhere in  the mid west from Texas to as far north as Michigan or Maine.

Here is the certificte of authenticenty and a picture of the eagle that were placed in the protected capsule and sent into the sky. Be looking out for a cluster of orange and black balloons with one sparkly alien female face balloon. Stay posted for more info on where the eagle landed and who found it.

Winston and Kelly wish you best of luck and may the one who finds this eagle carving be blessed.

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