Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Winston Retires From Carving 2016

Winston has officially retired from carving gemstone. He announced "I've decided that at 68 years I need to preserve my hands for carving the remaining 98 pound turquoise gemstone along with one remaining 86 pound Bluebird Mine Azurite Malachite gemstone."  Both stones have been in his collection since 1987.

He also said "In fairness to my collectors and personal friends I will continue to take custom orders through the end of this year, 2016."

All of his works on his website are sold.  Only the 106,000.00 carat turquoise eagle sculpure is available at Gilbert Ortega's in Arizona on 5th Ave. & Scottsdale Rd for a current figure of $2,000,000.00

Currently Winston has a few promised carvings he's working on and a dozen different carvings that need to be mounted in silver and gold that he's had in his collection for a couple years. He will be posting these works for sale one at a time on Facebook and the front page of his website.  Should you want something special for yourself or a family member custom made, PM Winston in the next couple months.

Thanks so very much for your life long patronage to Winston and his Art.


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