Friday, May 30, 2014

2014 World Champion Custom Belt Buckle Contest

Last year Winston entered The World Champion Custom Belt Buckle Contest and took second place in the competition. Winston (for health reasons) did not enter this years contest so he made this custom eagle buckle carving for the winner of the 2014 contest. 

It was hand carved by Winston start to finish over a three day period of time using diamond bit hand tools. The Custom Eagle Buckle Carving is cut from a large 10 inch Gold Lip Mother of Pearl half shell from the Philippines.

This Mother of Pearl above has been hand ground by Winston and ruffly polished using a large diamond bit grinding wheel. Then edged and prepped to reveal it's natural white and yellow mixed colors. Each Piece is different because it's pearl-yellow flows one way and it's pearl-white mixes in beautifully a different way in every piece. 

Winston Draws The Custom Buckle Onto The Mother Of Pearl
Before He Extracts it From the Pearl
Now it's time to take the edges off and rough the carving out
Back Side of The Eagle Head Carving
The Beak and Feathers of the Eagle are starting to come to life
This custom belt buckle's style is modeled after the artists custom buckle collector's series (Harley Feathers) but is not one of the 10 numbered buckles signed by Winston because of it's donation to the World Championship Belt Buckle Contest (The winner this year was a custom buckle named Space Cowboy by the Artist Daniel Icaza of San Jose, Costa Rica)

Using a Low Grit Diamond Wheel Winston Roughs
The Eagle Head With More Detail
Winston Applies a Rough Sketch Of The Eagle Head's Cheek
Feathers Before Finely Carving More Detail
The Start of Something Amazing Using Hand Tools
with Precise Diamond Bits. We now see the Buckle start to
Transform into a Majestic Eagle
Eagle Buckle Before A Good Hand Polish by
The Artist Using a Fine Grit Diamond Blade.
Winston Custom Belt Buckle is Hand Made, signed by Winston usually with a quote and numbered.

Hand Polished with a buffing wheel and Before The Eye is Set
in this Custom Eagle Buckle
The tongue below is hand carved from the gold lip of the large shell mother of pearl.

Mother of Pearl Hand Carved Eagle Tongue
Sterling Silver and Gold Buckle Mountings for the back of the buckle are currently being made.

Handmade Custom Eagle Belt Buckle Finished with a
Fine Hand Polish and The Eagle Eye
The eye is a eagle glass taxidermy eye from Van Dykes Taxidermy

Finally after 3 days The Eagle Buckle is Finished
Before Gold and Silver Mounts are added.
Winston announced: "It's with a humble pride that I gratefully offer this eagle carving to the winner of this years World Championship Belt Buckle contest. We americans carry a certain pride of this soaring bird where some of us have even been very fortunate to carve or paint his image. May you and your family wear him for many generations to come."

The artist gives much thanks to JW Copper of the famed Bal Harbour Shops in Miami for their contribution of materials. As well as The 3rd Annual World Championship Custom Belt Buckle Contest 2014

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