Sunday, January 25, 2015

Most recently Winston had one of his handmade Belt Buckles gone missing

This is not the first time this has happened to the artist Winston. It’s actually happened to him twice over the past 6 years. He most recently had one of his Original Pirate Head Buckles gone missing from the courier (a local UPS drop off / P.O. Box facility in Las Vegas) Unfortunately Winston only had $500 of insurance from UPS and to top that off he will have to re-carve the buckle again so he can get it to his customer who special ordered it.

Title: Jack The Pirate 

Why does this matter? Well, first of all Winston recently celebrated his 67th birthday in October of 2014. Nevertheless he's popular, his carvings are in demand and he's backed up with custom orders to fill. The lost buckle slows down his production time and makes it hard for him to fill his seasonal orders to retailers such as J.W. Cooper in Bal Harbour, FL

The missing buckle is numbered and signed by Winston with an inscription etched into the backside of the silver and gold buckle. Winston said " If this carving is ever found it would be a miracle. I wonder how many years after my death it will take for that buckle to resurface" Then he chuckled his usual lighthearted laughter and said "Love you son, I got to go.. Times a wastin!"

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